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Before You Walk Out on Your Marriage, You Need To Read This Message

There have been days in Nigeria when divorce was like a taboo. Times change, and divorce is now prevalent in Nigeria. Women are now more motivated than they were before. Most of the women are better educated, and some are the breadwinners. In reality, they won their place at the table. They 're not allowed to play second violin anymore.Furthermore, most argue, they should no longer tolerate any man's trash again in the name of marriage.

I 'm getting this argument. Yes, I do, I understand that correctly. In fact, I 'm buying this point, and I'm not going to help you in accepting any garbage from your husband. Truth is a piece of trash that's hard to swallow. Nevertheless, before you make the final decision to leave your marriage, mainly because of his infidelity, please take a moment to read carefully what I have below. It's a bitter fact.

You were about to move out of your husband's house because he slept with a girl or was still sleeping with her, but please think twice before you do that. As long as your husband does not physically harm you, as long as he still performs his duties as your husband, well, my dear sister, please live and raise your children under their father's roof.

I know some women are going to say that what I'm saying is trash. They can't really imagine why she's supposed to stay.

Note: I'm not suggesting that it's okay for a man to cheat on his wife. Any man who does that hates himself because the Bible says that the path leads to death. The Bible also said that such a man loses comprehension and kills his soul.

Ok, I'm going to say stay ooo, for the following reasons.

1.Your children need a father figure in their lives. You can't do the job of raising your children on your own, no matter how hard you try. Ask the single moms you know, and if they really love you, they'll tell you their experience. God has designed children to ever be raised by both parents, not by a single parent.

2.Nigeria is not the United States. No court is going to impose child support. The economic pressure, as it is now, is hard enough for two, what will it look like for one? You that end up spending your life raising your children while he spends his money enjoying his numerous women.As he enjoys himself and his newfound independence, you, on the other hand, are suffering 24/7 to take care of rent, school fees, everyday maintenance. You get tired suddenly before you know it. I plead you to stay my sister.

3.We always pray to God to give us the fruit of our labor. Think deeply about it in this context. After you've been working with this man for years, you 're packing out for a strange woman who didn't know how to soak garri without sugar, sleeping on the floor for years , taking Keke from one bus stop to another, and from fasting to endless prayers for God's prosperity.Now that God has answered the prayers and favored and blessed your husband, you're packing your bags and saying, 'You can't bear the useless man any longer.' You move out, trust, the new madam, will step in sharp, sharp to enjoy your hard work for free, eating where she didn't sow while you're out there struggling to take care of yourself and his children.

My friend, open up your eyes, wake up, eat your sweats ohhhhhhh! You think he's always going to give you money when you move out, think again. There's no food in Naija. Pray, he didn't jam the good guys for anything, kobo you won't know, your kids will still hate you at the end because you've robbed them of a good life. They might end up calling you a bad mother!

4.Your husband continues to live his life to the fullest. Your life will be limited, on the other hand. Even when you hug your pillow to sleep every night, He is going to be wrapped in one of his many arms. So tell me when your body screams for the do, what are you going to do? Hug your pillow while your husband warms up with some fine girls.

However if you consider about all this, I ’m planning to remarry. Hear what the LORD says in Corinthians 7:10b-11, 'A woman must not separate herself from her husband. But if she does, she must remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not allowed to divorce his wife.

My darling, if you take a little time out to think deeply, even once you cut off the chase, getting out is not the answer at all. The solution is, ask God to help you deal with your husband's treachery. Let God help you to change him. Nagging is not going to change him, but love and prayer will certainly go a long way.

But you'll need to cover yourself if you choose to have intimacy with him. Since you don't know what the girls are carrying in their bodies, please use the man's condom to demonstrate to him with love why you need protection.

May God Protect our husbands and blessed our home in Jesus Name.Amen.

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