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5 reasons why some guys are afraid to approach a girl if she is beautiful.

Some girls have extraordinary beauty that captures the eye of guys. When you see some of them, you will understand that God really took the time to create them. Some girls will be so good looking naturally to an extent, for some guys to approach them will become a problem. Oh, yes!

The following are a few reasons why guys are to afraid to talk to some girls.

(1). Low self-esteem: self-limiting thoughts makes one feel as if he is not up to the standard of approaching such beautiful girls. But it's not really the way you think it is, self-confidence will make things easier for you.

(2). The fear to compete: A guy will be thinking, a girl that is so beautiful like this, other handsome and rich guys must be going for her too so no need. that's what we call, " a fight lost in advance". Girls love for different reasons so don't feel she might choose other guys over you.

(3). The fear that the girl will decline the offer. See, confident and attractive guys are the luckiest with beautiful girls. Because they approach girls with confidence. For you to succeed in associating with beautiful girls, remove fear.

(4).The fear that the girl might laugh at them: understand this, even if a guy is brave and able to approach girls, even the most beautiful girl in the world will laugh if she is surprised or the way you approached her is funny. So laughing or making fun of you is not the problem. How you handle the situation that matters.

(5). The fear of what it might take to maintain that kind of relationship. Caring for a beautiful girl can be very costly. So for guys who do not have enough to do that, approaching such girls becomes a problem to them.

You don't have become someone else because you want to please a girl. Just be who you are, appear nice and neat. Make your self loveable and work on yourself, girls will come around.

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