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Wedding dress

Every Woman Should Be Aware Of These 11 Wedding Style Rules

When you go to a wedding, all of your attention should be on the happy couple you're celebrating. However, the bride isn't the only one who is shot during the day.

Given that the wedding images will be viewed for decades to come, it's only natural that you take your outfit choices just as seriously. Here are the 11 style standards you must observe, from dressing seasonally to matching with your date to avoiding the bridesmaids' dress style.

1. Being overdressed is preferable to being underdressed.

Wedding dress requirements must be followed, but it can be difficult to distinguish between terms like "semi-formal," "optional black-tie," "dressy casual," and "cocktail clothing."

While the distinctions are minor, a wedding should never be mistaken for a casual occasion. Take our advise and always err on the side of dressing up, regardless of which dress code you'll be following. If you dress too casually, you'll stick out – and not in a good way.

2. The bride is the only one who is permitted to wear white.

This is the most crucial wedding law of them all: the bride is the only person allowed to wear white at the wedding, period. Of course, you should avoid wearing a white dress, but white jumpsuits, trousers, and blouses are also prohibited. Furthermore, light gray, cream, and beige might appear white in photographs, so be cautious when choosing a light color.

Obviously, this scenario will not apply to every wedding, but it is a good idea to ensure that the bride and groom are given the focus. Inquire about your best man friend's wedding attire if he is marrying his long term boyfriend.

3. Your footwear must be appropriate for the environment.

On wedding days, heels are expected, but the style you choose should be appropriate for the setting. If the ceremony is held on grass, no matter how well your beloved pair of stilettos complements your gown, you'll sink into the ground with every step.

If you're attending a beach wedding, wedges or flat sandals are a better option. Given that you'll be on your feet all day, it's a good idea to wear shoes that are appropriate for the environment.

4. This is a formal occasion; don't dress as if you're going to a party.

Weddings are unquestionably occasions to celebrate, eat, drink, and have a good time. At the reception, you'll mingle with other guests and dance the night away.

However, despite the fact that weddings have the spirit of a party, you should not dress for one. Major cleavage, bodycon shapes and short hems are a tad unsuitable on the actual wedding day, so save them for the bride's bachelorette bash.

5. Always lead to the invitation details

Your wedding invitation serves a role beyond simply informing guests of the date and location of the event. In addition to RSVP promptly, carefully study your invitation to ensure the wedding does not have a theme or color scheme.

Some folks envision a wedding with an all-blue guest list. Trust us when we say you don't want to be the one who forgets the couple's preferences and shows up ill-dressed.

6. Avoid the color and style of the bridesmaid dresses.

There's no shame in asking the bride or her maid of honor what the bridesmaids will be wearing if you're not a member of the wedding party.

Attending a wedding dressed in the same shade or style as the bridesmaids could be terrible. It will appear that you are attempting to fit in with the group, and you will be mistaken for one of the bridesmaids in photographs. Avoid disaster by determining which clothing styles are already taken well in advance.

7. When it comes to black-tie, go for a simple gown.

Weddings with a black-tie dress code are especially thrilling since they allow you to totally dress up in a floor-length gown. That said, you're not going to the Oscars to stroll the red carpet.

You don't have to wear a ball gown, a feathered mermaid gown, or a color that draws attention to you. It's best if you keep things understated.

8. It's all about the comfort.

A wedding is a full-fledged, nonstop, 24-hour event, which is why you need to block off a full day (or weekend) on your calendar to attend. As a result, you'll want to make sure your wedding attire is comfortable enough to wear all day.

You'll be sucking in your gut and concerned about how you look in images if it's too tight. Your feet will be killing you before the reception even begins if your heels are excessively high. Choosing an outfit that is both flattering and comfortable will make a significant difference in how much fun you have.

9. Always remember to dress appropriately for the season.

Brides are quite particular about when they want their wedding to take place, and they want it to be in the season that best suits their personality. Knowing this, it's wise to coordinate your outfit with the season. Florals aren't appropriate for a fall wedding, and deep, dark tones aren't appropriate for a summer wedding.

10. Make sure you and your date are on the same page.

If you're going to a wedding as a guest or with a plus one, coordinate your attire with your partner. Dresses, ties, pocket squares, and whatever else you're wearing should all match for a balanced, attractive shot. You don't have to go insane, but you should avoid colliding.

11. Have an arsenal on hand in case of a fashion emergency

Weddings, as previously stated, are all-day affairs with crowded dancing, food, drinks, and, more than likely, a few mishaps. Things can go wrong at any time, so keep an arsenal of fashion emergency supplies in your purse at all times.

A stain remover pen, foldable flats to change out of your heels, deodorant, double-sided tape and other items are included. It's better to be safe than sorry when video cameras and photographers are recording your every move.

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