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Husband and wife relationship

4 Reasons Why Your Spouse May Easily Gets Angry At You

There are times you will notice that your spouse only blames you for everything that happens in the family. He/she will always see you are the cost of everything. You may also notice that he/she easily gets angry over something that should not have led to that. When you notice this, it means something is not right and you should be ready to help your spouse out.

Trying to shout back at your spouse can lead to more serious things. So the best thing you can do is to keep low at that time while thinking about how best to address the situation.

Below are some reasons why your spouse may easily get angry or blames you for everything that went wrong and what you can do.

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1. He/she is having low self-esteem. He/she may be battling with low self-esteem which has made him/her look down on him/herself. This may happen when you use wrong words that attack his/her personality or someone says something that made him/her feel like he/she has not done enough, know enough or qualify enough for something. This is why spouses should be careful with words when speaking with each other.

So what should you do? Absorb and accept the shouting/blame. Then study why your spouse easily gets angry, if it comes up when never you are talking about qualification, ability, education, beauty, spoken well, body shape, and sizes. Then your spouse may be fighting low self-esteem. Stop such discussion for the moment and help her regain her esteem back by making him/her know where her true strength lies. Open his/her eyes to see reasons why he/she is better than some people. You can even tell him/her what he/she can do but that you can't do. Make your spouse see reasons to appreciate his/herself and he/she will gradually come out of low self-esteem and the shouting and blaming will be a thing of the past.

2. He/she may be unhappy with the way things are in the marriage. Another reason why your spouse may easily shout or blame you is if things are not moving that smoothly in the family. In this case, you should understand and should let him/her know that things will surely be fine. If you are the husband, assure your wife that things will be better because you are working. And gradually, your ways will soon open and normalcy will return.

3. He/she may be going through stress. Stress in place of work and in the home can make your spouse keep reacting in a way you may not be expecting from him/her. He/she may always shout at you and blame you for every slight mistake. Try to be of help if you notice that your spots are stressed. There is nothing stopping a man from washing his wife's and children's clothes if his wife is stressed up. A man can help in the kitchen. Unless you tell people, no one will know. But your wife will know and she will be grateful. That can mark the end of the stress she is going through since she now has you to help in one way or the other.

4. He/she is carrying many loads in the family. If your spouse shouts and blames you when you are talking about something that involves expenses, there are no two ways about it, he/she is carrying too many loads. If your husband is the one, render a helping hand by taking over a specific bill. Also, try to encourage him instead of complaining about the situation of things. This will go a long way to calm him and he will be careful when next he wants to speak to you. The consciousness that you are willing to help out with your income will make him respect you.

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