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5 Ways To Tell If A Man Seriously Wants To Date You

Before a girl accepts to date any man, she will consider many important things. She has to look at his physical appearance to know if she can date and be proud of him, especially when walking on the street with him. One of the first things that turns a girl off or makes her develop interest in a man is his appearance. Another thing girls consider before dating a man is his actions.

Girls are very observant and selective when it comes to dating. Of course, they can't give in to any man they see. Apart from a man's appearance, a girl would check if the man is really serious about the relationship. Being serious means being ready. And being ready means taking the relationship to another dimension and eventually leading to marriage. For this reason, Mr_Counselor has explained how you can tell if a man is serious about dating you below.

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1. He doesn't give up even if you say no.

As long as it is obvious to him that you are not in a serious relationship, or that the seriousness of your relationship is not pronounced, a man who is serious about dating you will keep on asking you to date him no matter the amount of rejections he has gotten from you so far.

This doesn't mean that he will be putting pressure or threats on you. It does not mean that he will force you, after all, relationship is not a do or die affair. It simply means that he will not give up unless he is sure that you don't like or love him.

Before such a man will give up on you, you must have told him reasons why the two of you can't roll together, or why you can't date him. But if you are only testing him to know if he is really serious about the relationship and would take it to marriage, then he is ready to wait for you until you change your mind. Many women met their husbands this way.

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2. He will respect your decisions.

A serious man will not like to make you angry. Of course, he sees you as his potential or prospective girlfriend, only if you would just say yes. Therefore, he will do everything within his reach to make you happy. One of such ways to make you happy is by respecting your decisions.

If you ask him not to call you, or that you only want to chat with him on social media, he will respect that. Whatever you say about your peace or privacy will be respected by him.

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3. He will buy you gifts often.

A man who is serious about going into a relationship with you will understand that you need to be shown love and affection. As a way to show you love, he will continue to buy you gifts.

No matter how expensive or inexpensive the gifts may be considering his financial worth, the most important thing is that the gifts are from his heart, and he is gifting you because he loves you. If this is your crush, then he is serious.

4. He will want to know more about you.

It is only a desperate man and a man who only want to have fun with you, or have you as his side chick that will not mind knowing more about you.

A man who seriously wants to date you will want to know about your background. Your parents and siblings. He may not ask to meet them, but he will at least ask about them to know where you are coming from, how many siblings you have and so on.

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5. He will be patient with you.

A man who seriously wants to date you will not be in a hurry to date you. He will take his time to study you, and also give you the time to study him as well. During this period, both of you are only interested in knowing if you are compatible. He understands that if you don't love or like him, then his love or likeness for you is useless if he should force you to date him. Therefore, he will be patient with you while he try his best to convince you.

If your crush does all the above, then he is serious about dating you.

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Content created and supplied by: Mr_Counselor (via Opera News )


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