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17 Things That Happen To You In An Unhealthy Relationship

A relationship becomes unhealthy when it begins to make you (and possibly the other person) unhappy. However, even happy relationships can become unhealthy when partners become too codependent, too possessive, too jealous, or partners begin to enable each other’s bad behaviours.

But there’s more to this bad relationships dynamic. You are not just drained and jaded, you also experience one or all of the 17 things listed below.

1. You start behaving differently with your partner than when you are in front of your family or close friends.

2. You are always being compared with another woman or man, especially for your physical appearance.

3. You are not allowed to look into their phone. No, this isn’t about privacy.

4. Your partner tells you what to do and don’t want to listen to you.

5. You are not allowed to make friends or hang out with old friends.

6. When you are in an unhealthy relationship, your partner keeps judging your friends on the basis of gender. You can’t call an opposite gender a friend.

7. You start living in the fear of getting ditched.

8. They don’t talk about future and having you in it.

9. They promise but they break it very oftenly.

10. Feeling anxious when you’re around them. (The bad kind). Just waiting for your next mistake to set them off.

11. Projecting guilty conscience. (Can’t understand how they think you’re cheating when they have access to your social media messages etc.)

12. Inability to communicate effectively. Arguing, screaming, name-calling.

13. You become alone, your whole day revolves around that person only. Not because you want to, because you have to.

14. You can't go out, hangout with your friends, you even avoid family functions too.

15. You'll be one in that relationship who will lose everything, the other person's life will go normally. But if you complain about it, they will make some points which will be convincing for you to believe that you're wrong.

16. They play blame game, they play the victim, they only think about that you should belong to them only. That's when you should realise you're dating a narcissist.

17. You want to get out of that relationship too hard, but you're being trapped by some baseless issues that you can't even stand for yourself.

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