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5 Signs Of A Faithful Woman

One true sign of being in love is when a person is faithful to his or her partner. This is because being faithful in a relationship will increase the trust and respect that both partners have for each other. However, with the way the world is nowadays, sticking to one partner is becoming one difficult task for some people. They may pretend to be in love with only one partner meanwhile they are unfaithful in the relationship. Here are certain signs that may show a woman is faithful in a relationship or marriage.

1) She is committed to the relationship : You notice that she does all within her power to make the relationship work. She is not just focused on her well being alone but you are also a priority to her. In fact, she doesn't look at other men or get enticed by their gifts or attention.

2) She barely keeps secrets from you : You know all about her family, her whereabouts, her past, present and future. In fact, she has built her life around yours. 

3) She doesn't lie to you : She is trust worthy and has proven this to you many times. She let's you know about her movements and she doesn't lie that she is in a place when she's in another.

4) She doesn't hide her phone from you : When a lady is so free and honest that she leaves her phone with you, such a woman is most times faithful. This is because a woman who is unfaithful will find it difficult to leave her phone with you if she has skeletons in her cupboard.

5) She includes you in every area of her life : She barely takes decisions without telling you about it. She also values your opinion and listens to you most times.

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