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Dear Men, Here Are 5 Signs You Should Look For In A Woman Before Proposing Love To Her

The fact that you are close to a lady or that you are always with her does not mean she has an emotional attachment towards you. Some women are socially attractive and naturally beautiful. Most of these ladies know what they want, and their friendliness or conviviality has no bearing on their judgment or emotional feelings.

Many men have sought to take advantage of this situation, believing it to be a green light to make a move, only to be turned down, dragged, and have their egos deflated like a flat tyre. Regardless of what your spirit man is telling you, not all friendships with people of the opposite gender must lead to a relationship.

Before making a move, there are a few things you should look out for, and here are five of them:

1. The first thing you should pay attention to is how she feels when she's with you. Does she seem to be at ease all the time? Is it true that she always looks forward to spending time with you? When you're together, a lady who doesn't appreciate your company will never consider you for a relationship.

Ladies are easily swayed by guys who are enjoyable to be around. Guys who never have a dull moment and can knock them off their feet with a clever remark or a joke. If you're not this type of person, don't make a move since she'll decline your request and your friendship will suffer as a result.

2. Her rapid response to your discussion is the second item to keep an eye out for. Ladies are naturally communicative and are always ready to lock up in a WhatsApp or other virtual conversation with a person they like.

You have a good probability of dating her if you fit into the category of guys she gets along with naturally. You must, however, be able to maintain an engaging and intellectual conversation with her via the internet. You're fine to go if she moves in lockstep with you.

3. The third signal you must pay attention to is her attitude to your phone call. How does she handle your unanswered phone call? Is she prompt in her apologies or does she simply ignore you and call you back when she wants? If this is how she generally communicates with you, you should consider it a red flag. Do not approach it.

4. The fourth point to consider is her willingness to go out on a date with you. You must ensure that she is willing to hang out with you each time you make a request, aside from going to the movies or an amusement park to have fun.

It may be a friend's birthday party, an uncle's house, or a family dinner where she will have the opportunity to meet one or two family members or friends who are linked to you. You're on the wrong track if she's not ready for this type of outing and is only interested in going to the movies, restaurants, or an amusement park.

5. Finally, if a lady always compliments your look and wants you to do same to her, she is your girl. If a lady isn't interested in you, wearing the most expensive designer won't make a difference to her, and whatever she's wearing isn't intended for your compliments. Someone else has her heart.

So don't waste your time admiring her, complimenting her, or dressing to entice her. She hasn't given you her blessing, and if you try to ask her out, she may reject you, causing your friendship to suffer.

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