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Fiction:I Will Never Date Younger Men, Sugar Daddies Are The Best Because They Do This To Me

I am Juanita and hails from Rivers state:ever since I became a mature lady,I have been opportuned to date both sugar Daddies and Young Men.My experience from both parties were absolutely different.

Dating young men nowadays is like a waste of time,energy and money.They seem to be canny,selfish,stingy and very conservative.I dislike them,and will never date them again till I get married.

On the other side,dating sugar Daddies are the best friends to make .I prefer sugar Daddies because of the following reasons:

*They are charismatic.

*They are not sex freak.

*They already have relationship experience.

*They will never be envious.

*They invest in a relationship and will always love to supply your needs no matter the circumstance.

*They never nag or suspect you.

*They never take you for granted.

*They are indispensable and caring.

It will interest you to know that my current sugar Daddy just bought Me a new Bentley car despite having not slept with me .Most young rich guys will never do it.

Note:Picture above do not represent original person

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