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10 Fun Facts You Need To Know About Dreams

Dreams are stories and images our mind create while we are asleep,they may be bizarre,Fun,weird, romantic,scary,disturbing or entertaining.People dream on so many occasions,some tend to forget their dreams while some hardly dream.

Dreams are believed to be informative because some people claim to get answers to some of their problems from dreams while some claim to see what will happen in the nearest future in their dreams.

Today we're going to be looking at some facts about dreams and how our daily lives impact to our dreams.

First of all how may of us have ever gotten a sudden feeling that we have dreamt or lived a particular moment's really hard to explain that feeling...well,that feeling is called A Déjà Vu experience.

Finally here are some facts we need to know about dreams

1.During sleep our body becomes paralyzed in order for us not to act out our dreams.

2.Due to the extreme hormonal changes in women during pregnancy,pregnant women remember their dreams more than other people.

3.Children under the age of 3 do not dream about themselves.

4.Flying in a dream can symbolize freedom,personal power,joy, progress..etc.

5.Sometimes the sound we hear in reality incorporarates into our dreams.

6.If you dream about strangers,there is a probability they are people you've seen in real life.

7.Running away in dream can symbolize fear, dislike, escape etc.

8.The reason why u wake up after dying in a dream is because your brain doesn't know what happens after death.

9.To dream that you have a crush on someone is a literal and real reflection of your attraction and fascination for that person.

10.People who stay up late at night are more likely to have bad dream.


11.The colder your house is,the worst your dreams will be.

Thanks for reading,pls like,share and follow me for more fun and educative contents....if you've ever had a Déjà Vu experience pls leave a comment.

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A Déjà Vu


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