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15 ugly truths of life

I will be sharing with you, 15 ugly truths of life, I hope you will learn from this, what life is all about.

1. The more humble you act, the further away some happiness will be from you.

2. When you feel like you want to die, you don't really want to die. You just don't want to live like this.

3. Sometimes, giving someone a second chance is like giving them a second bullet because the first one didn't kill you.

4. Most times, we don't lose a good person, but instead we lose someone before we remember that he was a good person.

5. Living miserable in old age won't be because you don't have children, it will be because you are poor, remember this.

6. The people who really waste food are the ones who make it taste awful.

7. Your birth is all a game, you could be born into a wealthy, poor, cursed or bless family.

8. It's better not to complain about your problem to others so much, 20% of time they don't care, 80%, they are glad you have them.

9. We want people to do better but not better us

10. One day, someone will say your name for the last time.

11. Life isn't not fair, and it won't be. Some wicked souls lives good life while some kind hearted souls live awful life.

12. People only notice you when you fail

13. You are more likely to die on your birthday celebration

14. A woman can ruin man's life in one false accusation and vice versa.

15. People are selfish, Selfish for where? People probably do things because they think they will get something in return.

These are some of the ugly truth of life, I hope you have learnt from this

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