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5 Ways To Identify A Woman That Has Feelings For You

Expressing one's feelings can be hard at times. The fear of been rejected can make you change your mind even if you choose to express yourself. That is why some people just love from afar; that is, by secretly showing love.

I want us to know that there is no way we can keep our feelings hidden, one way or the other, we will show them even if we don't say them. Love is not just something we can easily control most especially when you're deeply and truly in love with someone. 

As a man, there are ways you can get to know a woman that has affection for you. You just have to watch out and notice the way she behaves towards you. In this article, I'll be discussing them with us.

Below are 5 ways to identify a woman that has feelings for you.

1. She will always share everything with you.

omen are hard to understand and they hardly express themselves, but a woman that has affection for you will always be open and plain to you. She will share with you everything even when you don't ask her. She will tell you about her plans, about her friends and family. Everything she is doing, she will make sure you're aware of it.

Even if she is keeping secrets from her friends, she won't ever be secretive to you. As a man, once you notice a woman is like this to you, just know she has feelings for you.

2. She will always smile and laugh around you.

Naturally, we all tend to be happy and full of joy whenever we're around someone who will like and cherish. Also, a woman that has affection for you, will always feel happy and full of joy whenever she is around you. Her mood will lighten up and all she will do is just smile and laugh even when you're not saying something funny. She will hardly have a mood swing and look bored or sad whenever she is with you.

3. She will always call or text to check on you.

A woman that is consistently calling and texting you surely has a feeling for you. It's rare for a woman to call a man just like that unless it's important or the man is special to her. If a woman is always calling and texting, there is a good chance she has affection for you.

4. She will always want to be there to support and assist you.

5. She will always take every little detail about you seriously.

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