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6 Signs That Show It's Time to Break Up With Your Friends, No Matter How Difficult It Is

1. Your buddy forces you to compete with their other buddies.

Your buddy always informs you how more fascinating their other friends are than you and how much fun they had together, leaving you insecure and boring.

2. You spend the majority of your meetings talking about your friend's problems, but they are uninterested in yours.

Your buddy is eager to share their news with you, but as soon as you want to tell them about yourself, they get an immediate message to respond to or find some excuse not to listen to you.

3. Your buddy always critivizes you but he or she doesn't accept your criticism. 

In relationships, honesty is crucial. A poisonous mate, on the other hand, would not spare your emotions when telling you that you have to go to the gym or get a new haircut. Their intention is to humiliate you, not to tell you the facts. However, if you attempt to do the same, this friend will become enraged.

4. You set up meetings more frequently than your friend.

They don't seem to care about engaging with you or contributing to your friendship. 

5. Your friend believes you should change.

When you have a disagreement, your friend assumes that you are somehow incorrect, that you should be kinder or less impetuous, or that you could do something else.

6. You're always wary of saying something stupid that will irritate your friend.

Your friend is frequently insulted and upset at you, which is why you are often uncomfortable around her and afraid to say anything inappropriate.

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