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"It Is The Job Of Your Father Not Your Boyfriend To Make You A Princess"- Reno's Message To Women

Knowing how to have a good relationship with with people matters in our life as a human, as being in a good state with people tends to always attracts good vibes and many other advantages.

There are many discovered type of relationship, but the main and popular ones are family, friendship, and romantic relationship. Romantic relationship is the one that do often exists between a man and a woman, and this relationship sometimes leads to marriage. Family relationship is one that do exist in the family(both immediate and extended). And Friendship relationship do occurs between a person and an opposite or the same gender, and entrusting secret to each other do occur in this type of relationship.

So even though there are three main type of relationship, Romantic relationship is the one which people to aspire to practice most according to discovery, as a man and a woman might not get married to each other without practice it. Even young boys and girls do practice romantic relationship, as some derive pleasure practicing it.

Not quite long, a popular Nigerian politician whose name is Reno Omokri took to his Twitter page to give a message to women. And from his message, he advices women not to expect their boyfriend to make them a princess, as that is the job of their Father.

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