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Five Qualities Every Man Looks For In A Woman.

Besides beauty, there are some qualities that men want from their woman in a relationship, as these traits are very important for keeping that relationship healthy and romantic.

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So what are those qualities that makes a woman unique to her man, check them out below;

1. You are Kindhearted.

When you are a Kindhearted person people will love you. Unfortunately these days, so many girls are more mean than they are kind and this is not a good thing. Men look for women that are Kindhearted, it is one trait all men want. So if you aren't very kind in nature, work and better yourself. 

2. You Are Understanding.

Every man want a woman that is understanding, a woman that can understand what he is going through and knows how to be of help to him. When you posses this trait as a woman, amazing and high value men would be drawn to you.

3. You Are Respectful.

No man wants an arrogant and disrespectful woman, men want a woman that would respect and honour them. So when you are a very respectful woman, men would find you more attractive.

4. You Are Supportive.

Every man need a woman that will support and assist him during he's up's and downs, they need a partner that would always be their for them. No man wants to deal with an unsupportive partner, it's a major turn off. So as a woman, you need develop the habit of supporting your man.

5. You Are Trustworthy And Honest.

In order for a relationship to work, there need to be trust and honesty. Being a honest and trustworthy partner is a characteristic men find rely attractive, because a man needs a woman he can trust and rely on in a relationship. 

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