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Ladies, please stop accepting public proposals from guys.

When you're done reading this, you'll dislike guys who make public proposals.

A relationship is like the preamble to marriage hence, it needs to be treated sacredly.

A relationship begins when a man and a woman agree to take what exists between them beyond the friendship level.

In order to begin this, a man proposes to the woman and relationship begins.

The 21st century lovers love to add a bit drama when making proposals. As romantic as this maybe, making public proposals should be a complete no.

Most man who make public proposals are 'casanovas' meaning, they are players. Because he is proposing publicly doesn't mean he's going to marry you at the end. It's only a guy who is shameless that goes about making public proposals. If he's that bold to do so, he's likely to cheat in you.

Public proposals put ladies in a tight corner in such a relationship. You won't want to break away from the relationship if it's toxic, why, you don't want to be insulted.

You know ladies are always at the receiving end when it comes when things goes wrong with a relationship.

You may not have privacy in such a relationship. Imagine everybody sniffing their noses in your relationship, that's terrible right? Every little riff between you both may get trended on the social media.

There are other beautiful ways a man can propose to you. He should be innovative. Let him do something unique if you're truly special to him.

So ladies, to any man who goes publicly propose to you about any marriage, please don't say Yes.

What other ways can a man propose to a lady in a romantic manner?

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