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How To Improve Your Relationship

Here are some of my top tips for improving your relationships under a variety of circumstances:

1. Make Wrong Right

The solution for many conflicts lies in a single phrase: “I was wrong.” No one likes to speak those words. They strip us of our pride and put us at the mercy of others who may be all too eager to agree with us.

To tap into the true power of “I was wrong,” we have to stop after those three words. We can’t try to explain ourselves or shift the blame to others. It’s really the simplicity that makes those words healing.

2. Open Your Heart

“When you open your heart with a quiet mind, love rushes in.” Writer Genevieve Gerard knew about the heart's capacity for love. Yet when we get our wires crossed with someone, it can be tempting to rush in with our guns blazing.

An aggressive approach is unlikely to win anyone over. Instead, try to clear your mind and open yourself up to possibility. Reconciliation doesn't always happen on our terms (or in the ways we expect it to).

Let the other person know that your heart is open and make sure that it's true.

3. Don’t Settle for Less

“Not settling” usually applies to romantic relationships, but what about friendly ones? If your friend or family members have gotten away with treating each other without respect, perhaps it’s time to have a heart to heart.

Using statements like “I feel” will help them understand you’re not attacking them personally. Are they still not getting it? Consider taking a break and step back from the relationship to get some perspective.

4. Revisit Old Ties

Family plays such an important role in our lives. Even when relationships are distant, we can still feel the effect of those ties. Are you considering whether or not to reconnect with an estranged family member? Doing so could heal an old wound—or not.

Before you initiate a conversation, ask yourself what you're hoping to gain. If you don’t get the outcome you’re looking for, will you still be happy with your decision to reach out?

5. Be Kind and Listen

Sometimes people just need to talk. Sometimes we avoid engaging in difficult conversations because we're uncomfortable.

As a result, those who have been through accidents, bereavement, serious illnesses, or heartbreak are robbed of the chance to heal by talking about it. These subjects must be broached with tact and kindness, but sometimes people just need a sympathetic listener.

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