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3 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making While Dating

As women we often tend to make some very serious mistakes by giving it all or even overdoing some certain things just to retain and prove our affection to our men, these mistakes most times often cause heartbreaks for the women. Below are 3 mistakes you should avoid making while dating your boyfriend:

1.) Paying his bills: It is okay to help him out once in a while with the bills especially when he is financially down or even when he requests for financial help from you, but never you make the mistake of totally handling all of his financial responsibilities and duties just because you love him.

2.) Getting intimate with him: A man that truly loves you would wait until you are married before getting intimate with you, as a woman you shouldn't make the mistake of giving your body to your man when you are not yet legally or officially married to him yet. Asides the fact that God frowns at it your parents would also be sad about it when they eventually find it.

3.) Performing all his home chores: As my pastor would always say that most women end up losing their values because they give wife duties like cleaning and washing of clothes to a temporary boyfriend that they are not sure of spending their eternity with. As a woman I am not saying that you shouldn't do some domestic chores in your man's house, but never make the mistake of taking it upon yourself to conduct full domestic and house chores for your man at girlfriend level when he is fully healthy and capable of doing it himself.

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