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Questions Couple Need to Ask Each Other About Their Relationship

Every individual is a distinct entity. An entity with history, past events, experiences that have molded us before meeting our partner and eventually getting married.

In the line of engagement and finally going down the aisle lane, there are some questions we ask and proffers answers to among ourselves.

In this article I present some of these interesting and eye opener questions.

Our ability to sincerely answer these with your partner will certainly add more spices to the relationship.

1.Do you believe that I am well acquainted with myself?

2.What is it that you really like about my personality?

3. What have you learned from me, if any?

4.What is your best memory about our relationships?

5.How does it make you feel when we fight?

6. What is your favorite outfit that I wear and you like most?

7.In what manners you think I could make your life easier and more comfortable?

8.What have you sacrifice or you need to compromise by being my husband/wife?

9.What adjustments you would like me to make in our relationship?

10.How well do you think I handle myself during crisis?

11.Do you think I manage crisis maturely in our relationships?

12.What do you suggest I do in order to better enjoy life more?

13. Are there any topics that you want me to discuss with you in our relationships?

14. What did you found attractive about me when we first met?

15.How has this thing you found in me changed since we married?

16.In what areas of our relationships do you think we need improving on?

17.Can you suggest any changes that I could make to my appearance to look more attractive to you, without doing surgery?

18.How do feel our union has helped in attaining the fulfilment of your goals?

19.What personality issue of mine that you fear may cause conflict in the success of our relationship?

20.Do you feel right to express you emotional feeling in front of me?

21.Do you think you could cry with me during my emotion crisis?

22.What similarities in our backgrounds and training do you think give strength to our relationship?

23. What differences could cause us problems in our union?

24.Under what circumstances do you feel being alone rather than being with me?

25.What will you do to save our relationship from failing?

26. Do you feel confident to tell how am feeling based on my body languages?

27.What are my talents?

28.Do you feel that you have these skills I possess.

29.How important do you think you are to me?

30. What do you like about my physical feature?

31. Are you more similar to your mother than your father? In what ways?

32.What negatives and positives things have you learned from observing the way your family relates to each other?

33.What positive and negative things have you learned from your parents’ marital life.

Any other questions you feel could be added to this, you are free to do so in the comment section.

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