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Opinion: How to define the relationship you want

No matter the type of relationship you are looking for , it's important to be upfront about your needs, desires and expectations. Before you invest time and energy in a relationship, make sure you and your partner are looking for same things.

Whether it is a one night stand, casual fling or a long term monogamous partnership. Here are ways to define your relationship

Figure out the kind of relationship you want

you have to know what you want before getting into a relationship, once you are clear on the type of relationship you want, you can communicate to your partner or potential partner.

Never Assume what other people want

Assuming what your partner wants without asking proper question can lead to disappointments, clarifying expectations before hand can also take some pressure off. New relationship energy can be intoxicating, enjoy it but if you want these desires to come true, you need to get real with your partner sooner than later.

Make use of your common sense

while going out on dates with your partner make sure you have a way to get way to get home and aren't relying on your partner for a ride. A healthy relationship needs the both parties to be able to satisfy some of their needs.

Always have a healthy conversation

Most failed relationship have been due to bad communication skill, once you fail to have a decent conversation with your partner on what you think should be done and the way you feel then you still have a long way to go.

Always remember the label you place on your relationship is not as important as agreeing on mutual language for communicating your needs and wants. For one person dating might mean hanging out once or twice a week indefinitely and for another it might mean the first step towards marriage.

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