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Husband and wife relationship

Money Doesn't Make A Woman Happy; You Will Attract Hungry Women If You Only Offer Money -Blessing

Some men have made the wrong choice of women because they believe that they can control them if they do not have money. Such men have the wrong definition of wife materials as they do not want their wives to correct them.

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has stated that money doesn't make a woman happy. She also advised men to change their definition of wife materials as it should not mean a foolish or quiet woman.

Blessing CEO in a live video said;

"You need to change your definition of a wife material. Wife material is not a foolish woman or a woman that cannot talk because she wants to keep her man. It is only a manipulator that will not let his woman correct him.

If you don't want a woman to correct you, why are you getting married? A lot of men end up with small girls who are hungry for transport fare. You are always afraid that someone is going to give her what you are giving to her. That is a hungry woman and not a wife material.

Men, don't be afraid of a strong woman. If it is only money that you have to offer a woman, you will be attracting hungry women. Money does not make any woman happy."

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