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Here are unconscious things that you do that leaves you heartbroken easily.

Heartbreak which many consider has the moment or the time when someone important leaves your life is far more than that.

Many at times we may have loved the person not because of how cute they are but because of the way they make us feel and that's why even when they leave us the memories still remain in our minds.

Heartbreak means a lot to different people,some it's when the most important person leaves their life,some is when the Feelings they expect from that particular person is not shown,some is when that particular person is not plain in their words i.e sometimes that person is sweet while sometime the person makes us regret why we fell for them.

But anything the reason is,heartbreak hurts and that's why today I drafted time to list some reasons why it occurs:

1.We love too much

In a relationship the love rate is meant to be balanced,when one person seems to act like he or she needs the relationship more,then it could leave the person heartbroken.

Your partner is not blind to know when you love them and when you don't but the moment you act like you are desperate for thier care,love, Feelings and attention that would reflect to their minds and that would increase their ego and at that period someone who doesn't love you the way you thought they did would leave you heartbroken.

In order to avoid this,love your partner with your heart but control your relationship with your head.

2.You make them your priority

When you make someone your priority,it means you are giving that person more care than you give yourself or any other person or thing.Making someone your priority means indirectly turning that person to be the air you breath,the food you eat,you automatically give that person control over your life and your decisions.

When you do this,you make that person your only source of happiness,when you don't hear from them or meet them you are not fine,when they meet someone else you won't be yourself all this are what you get when you make someone your number one priority.

In order to avoid this always have it in mind that your happiness should be what matters to you the most,no one can make you happy until you yourself choose to be happy.

3.You are always there for them

It's good to show give your partner your time and attention at all possible ways you can,but if you do this always you might end up hurting yourself.If you don't give them time to miss you they won't know your worth when you are away.If they don't feel your absence then your presence meant nothing to them.

The more they know that you would always be there for them,that's the more they keep acting like they don't need you, always give them space so they can think of you and in order to avoid this, don't always be available for them when they need you.

4.You always try to be best for them

This is the last point I would be talking about in this article,most times our partners might make it clear to us that we are not needed even if they don't say it,their actions might tell us but because we love them we always try to prove ourselves to them, making them believe that we love them and we would always do anything for them.

Thats wrong, relationship are not meant to stress you nor hurt you,you must not have to go through your worst moments just because you are in love,you must not always believe that you are the fault in your relationship.

Anything that is meant to be would be,you don't have to force anything.We are all perfect in our own way.

There is always someone out there who would see good in us that no one else saw,you just need to adjust mentality when it comes to love because we won't always get what we want.

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