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Things you would have done for your parents, had anyone informed you on time.

Family is everything. What is family without your father and mother coming together. In other words ,there is no you without your parents.Fortunately, as I hate to use the word unfortunately, many people take their parents for granted .But these are people who gave you life.nurtured you from the scratch .cried when you are crying.was restless when you are restless.hustle just to give you the best of every thing. But eventually they are the least honoured .

Living outside your parents home,in fact becoming married has a lot of lessons to teach you.One of such great lessons are the things you would have done for your parents while you were still around 24 hours with them,before the demands of marriage, or work or anything that will demand your going to live outside your home took you away from them.Here are the list of things you would have done for them if you had known or had anyone told you early enough.

1.You will give them maximum respect no matter your mood,I repeat no Matter your mood.You will realize that outside your home ,probably in your husband or wife's house, you will treat your partners parents with so much respect .Even at the point of telling your partner of not being happy with his or her parents, but once you see them (your partners parents)you will pretend you have no problems with them and you will respect them so very much enough.And who doesn't like being the end of the day,your spouse's parents will be so glad they have a son or daughter in law who regards them.Hence the lesson, if you can do these for people you know not before,why can't you treat your Parents even much better ,since they have been the ones nurturing and sacrificing for you since Adam.

2.You will make it a point of duty to help them out with house chores even without them reminding you to do so.Many people run into fights with their Parents just because they have been asked to do one or two things.But in your wife or husband's house,you will even do more without being asked.So why can't you allow your own parents to have such joy that comes from you cheerfully helping them out with house chores without grumbling about it. will find time and joy talking to them,knowing the fact that they are aged and all they need right now is you spending quality time with them.without being stuck to your mobile phone,pressing it 24 hours and they will be feeling lonely yet you are in the house.Am pretty sure you are trying hard to keep your parents in law happy by talking to and with them.striking a conversation with them whether you feel like or not ,as long as it keeps them happy and drives loneliness far away from them. Why can't you do same for your own parents, they have worked tooth and nail just to give you the good and healthy life you are enjoying today. will find time to care and study their face to know when they are happy or sad and why.In your parents in law house,you will always want to ensure your mother or father in law is will be putting in extra efforts to show them that you are a huge blessing to them.why can't you put in such extra efforts when its your own parents involved, instead of bluffing them away when they are not happy and saying" that's how he likes to keep his or her face ,don't mind him or her.

There are much more ,you know those myriads of good things you humble yourself to do for your partners parents just to keep them happy .and to prove to them that you are a good son or daughter in law. Your Parents are worthy of those good things.they deserve it even more.So start being that blessing too to them.

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