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Here Are 5 Medical Screenings To Do Before Getting Married

Before getting married to the love of your life, it is very important to do some medical tests and screenings, this helps you to know the health status of your partner in order to avoid regrets and broken marriage.

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Today, I'll be sharing with you 5 medical screenings to do before getting married.

1. Genotype

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Knowing your genotype (AA, AS, SS etc) helps you to the the compatibility of your genotype to others, if a person is AA, there is no need to be worried, but a person that is AS has many concerns, because there is a high probability of giving birth to a child with SS genotype.

2. Blood group

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Blood group screening helps to prevent blood group or rhesus factor incompatibility, it also reduces the chances of haemolytic diseases, pregnancy issues and miscarriages.

3. HIV /STDs

This is a vital medical screening to undergo before marriage, it keeps you informed about the health status of your partner and how to manage

4. Fertility test

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This test covers seminal examinations, uterine scannings etc. It helps the intending couple to know the condition of their reproductive organs and ability to have children.

5. Chronic diseases

Having early knowledge about chronic health conditions like diabetes, liver disease, brain issues, high blood pressure, kidney disease etc is very important. This helps the couple to receive adequate medical care.


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