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6 Signs A Guy Has Lost Interest In You

Love is a really sweet time but sometimes it gets frustrating and annoying, and this happens when you start realizing that your man has lost interest in you. Relationship is not a one man thing, it should be a mutual feeling between two people that they won't want to separate from each other.

Here are 6 Signs your guy has lost interest in you.

* He makes no time for you

This is a situation whereby your guy is always busy with one thing or the other and never makes time to stay with you or take care of you.

* He stops calling you

Whne your man looses interest, he automatically stops calling or caring about you, he stops asking how you are and if you have any problems.

* He becomes defensive and rude.

Any minor thing that happens between the two of you, he gets angry and pissed off over you and gets very rude too.

* The Relationship is Stagnant

When there is no more love from the man, your relationship automatically stops moving forward but remains domant.

* There is no more Sex

When a guy stops loving you, he automatically stops asking for anything and stops coming close to you.

* He looses interest in you

When a guy looses interest in you, he stops caring about your welfare and up keep.

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