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A Common Parenting Mistake

Over the years, I have been opportune to work with different parents who complained to me about the poor academic performance of their children and their lack of interest in more important things. I have also seen families battling with their children’s addiction toward movies and games which contends with their interest in things like education, self-development, vocational and so on.

When these complains come to me, the first question i ask is " what do you allow your kids focus on"

 It is dangerous when children begin to lack interest for more important things because they excessively engage in other things which are not so important. Such act can transcend childhood into adulthood.  I used to have roommates back in my university days who even though they were intelligent and sound-minded could not completely unleash every of their academic potentials simply because they spent ample of their times playing games and seeing movies. Most of them ended up school dropouts and some graduated with just ordinary pass, yet these were people who would have probably secured better degree than me.

Aside transcending childhood, such attitude can also affect children’s decisions when they grow to become adults. Children who are addicted to engaging in unprofitable stuff such as game playing and movie seeing can grow up to become adults who will never make proper use of their time. It can even go as far as affecting their jobs, dreams, goals and aspirations since only unimportant involvements control the most part of their lives. Their addiction to unimportant things will always assuage their drive or interest for more profitable ones.

According to new data from Netflix, about 12 percent of Americans who watch television shows or movies outside of the home did so in a public restroom. And a whopping 37 percent admit they also do so at work. This is just one of the many proves of the point I’m trying to make.

Maybe you are a parent whose children suffer similar fate. Don’t worry. All hope is not lost. I have just a tip for you and if you commit to it, I can assure you that within a very short period, you will see a remarkable change. I recommended this approach to a certain parent whose children had similar predicament and before long, things began to change.

So, are you read? Lets delve into the main business.

The Principle of Focus

The solution to the aforementioned problem is what is known as “The Principle of focus” It is a very simplistic principle but demands assessment and commitment. The principle requires you to make a clear list of everything of value you would want your kids to indulge in and also make another list of the trivial things they can do as well. When this is accomplished, ensure that most of your kids time are devoted to doing the more valuable things. Let about 80% of your kids' focus be on the more significant areas of their lives such as their talents, gifts, education, and vocation and let less significant matters such as seeing of movies, playing of games, visiting the park control only 20%. This principle will not only make them futuristic. It will also inundate their thoughts and mentality with a sense of work, purpose and responsibility.

One terrible mistake most parents make is, they think games, cartoons, play parks, play stations etc. are meant primarily for kids. It is not true. It is rather a misconception Satan uses to distract children of the 21st century and hinder them from being all God has destined them to be. The movies they see and the games they play inordinately are people’s ideas, talents and natural abilities. If they devote all their time and energy seeing movies and playing games, can they be able to expose the hidden potentials locked away within them? 

Parents should ensure that their children spend the most part of their lives discovering and developing themselves so that they can as well generate their own ideas and unleash their own potential and eventually become children who would grow up to become adults of value to not just their immediate society but the world at large.

As parents, you need the movies, games, outings and trips more than your kids. You probably have achieved a level of success so you can relax and engage in those not-so-important stuffs, but not your kids. Don’t forget that the mentality, perception and lifestyle children pick up in childhood will escort them to adulthood if nothing is done about it. It is therefore every parent’s responsibility to pave a responsible path where their kids can successfully navigate the vicissitudes of life.

As I draw this to a close, I ask, are you uncomfortable with the contents written in the slates of your children’s heart? Are you tired of the lifestyle they live? If so, then It’s about time you started rewriting everything that have been written in their minds which has now formed the set of values they live with and I suggest you do this by reviewing their values, make appropriate changes and help them make about 80% commitment to the set of values you have defined best for them. 

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