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Divorce Affair

35 main causes of divorce or separation in many marriages of nowadays.

1.Marriages where there is lack of submission.

2. Lack of love.

3. Lack of joy.

4 . Unhelpful comparisons with another person.

5.lack of gentility.

6. Making children priority.

7. Defiling the marriage bed.This is when both partners sleep around.

8. Lack of commitment to one's spouse.

9. Reversing divine order like a woman wants to take the position of a man vice versa.

10. Failure to work on the marriage.

11. Wrong company.

12. Unfaithfulness.

13. Third party involvement.

14. Withholding sex.

15. Husband withholding house keeping money.

16. Satanic prayers against one's partner.

17. Stoppage of things they used to do together.

18 when in-laws convert the couple's matrimonial homes into their living quarters.

19. When the presence of one irritates the other.

20. Nagging by wife or regular complaint by the husband.

21. Singing irritating and rebellious songs.

22. Keeping unnecessary secret.

23. No openness.

24. Prayerlessness.

25. Treating in-laws with disdain.

26. Abusing your partner before the children.

27. Frequent eruption of anger from both partners.

28. Recording past mistakes in the diary.

29. Encouraging children to be rebellious and disrespectful to one partner.

30. Blaming the other partner for anything that goes wrong.

31. Making derogatory remark about one partner's family.

32. Not studying the word of God together.

33. Seizure of important documents like marriage certificate.

34. Borrowing money without knowing one's spouse knows about it.

35. Divergence of interest to each other.

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