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Husband and wife relationship

Allow God to Give You the Right Husband and Wife!

I heard a story of a beautiful woman that was forced by her parent to marry a doctor from their own tribe, things didn't turn out well as expected, the said husband didn't love her but don't want to disobey his parent, that what's the reason why he got married to her. They're just a flatmate, not a love mate, in the end, he divorced her and gone their separate ways. See the problem caused by two parents, because of their selfish interest, they want to choose for their kids when they are not God almighty.

Some parents have destroyed the good life of their children by allowing their greedy concern over God's given spouse due to the present status, and what they will gain from it, they sold their kids into depression, it's so unfortunate, things turn out negative, and makes life not worth living again because there's no peace. Anyone that let their parent, friends or because of beauty, position in the society, riches, good-looking get married and go against the will of God for his or her lives, it always ends in tears because they didn't know the foundation of God for marriage.

God's plan for instituting or founding marriage was for companionship, to have a helpmate, to make life easier and more interesting. God hates loneliness, He didn't want anyone to feel rejected, or live alone that is the purpose, why he instituted marriage. He completed the founding by blessing every couple with a free life gift, which is a Sexual intimacy to satisfy your sexual urge and give birth to great kids that will rule and govern the whole world. No one can be in the place of God, that is the essence of consulting God first before any human being when taking any decisions in life.

Don't allow your family to choose who you will marry! They're a demigod, and it so obvious that they're God's mouthpieces, God reveals visions, what will happen tomorrow, dreams to them, yes it's very true but God will never tell you to do what is going to lead you to your downfall or cut your life short. Some parents claim to have a great relationship with Him, and destroy lives with their own foolishness, it starts from parents because every kid is 80 percent of what their parents look like, but not all parents are like that. There are reasonable parents that know God, and their kids can attest to that, it's not by mouth but with their actions, they will not even force whatever God told them instead they will tell you, and ask you to seek the face of God for confirmation of His words.

Don't be deceived, nothing lasts forever! Beauty always fades, that same man or woman that you want to tie the knot with because of his beauty, you will see him one day, and you will look for that beauty you will not see it again. Is it because of his status in the society, remember one day he will resign from that post, what would happen when his time elapsed, will you still love him? Or because she's from a wealthy home, do you love her or you just want to marry her because of the money, if it's because of the wealth she would definitely find out one day and will trash you immediately.

Whosoever you wed for something else aside love will not, last! Don't marry because of anything aside loves, don't marry him because he's from your tribe or ethnic, never marry because of what you will gain from the person, don't marry her because she is succeeding in her business, don't marry because of babies. Marry because you love to, and you can't just wait to spend the rest of your entire life with your partner, marry because true love is sweet, life is sweet when you're in a good relationship with the right person. Marry because you want to not because you're forced to, don't let anyone push you, marry someone you love so that when life challenges come, no matter what, come rain sun, you will still be strong like a great rock that can't be broken.

Only God gives the right husband and wife! He already knew you when you're still in your mother's womb, be your own pastor, and Alfa, you can only go to your man of God for confirmation of what God told you. If you don't have a strong relationship with God, run to him now cause tomorrow may be too late, I am assuring you again that what God gives it's always the best, don't allow anybody to choose for you, let God give you the best bone of your bone. God bless you amen.

If you have any questions as regards to this or any other things, as far as relationship and Marriage are concerned, please feel free to ask, and if you want to contribute to this please feel free to comment in the section below. Thanks for reading.

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