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Is Kissing In A Relationship Between Unmarried Persons A Sin?. (Check Out For The Answers)

I welcome you all dear reader to this page. I thought to share this my answer as I was posed with this question.


Concerning this question, there's no categorical biblical reference to label kissing a sin. Howbeit, I think this answer should be pondered upon by anyone seeking the truth.

Kissing shouldn't be a practice in any sort of relationship between unmarried persons of any sex. Even if it's planned to be only an attempt, I strongly discourage it.

Why ignite a flame that can't be controlled? It's futile to exercise maturity over any attempt that can create an aperture for the penetration of the devil.

Scripture charges us to not make any provision for the flesh to fulfil its lust (Romans 13:14). To think that one can exercise constraints/control over kissing in a relationship is like attempting to step on a live wire barefooted and expecting to avoid a shock.

The few cases of sexual immorality by young people I have been privileged to counsel has shown to me that, there was a preliminary cause/ appetite to/ for it, initiated by affectionate touches (kissing inclusive).

The Holy Spirit will not initiate an enterprise that could incur the finger print of the devil, hence it is deceptive to claim that any of such kissing is supervised by the Holy Spirit. Every believer's life must be continually yielded to the regulatory leadings of the Spirit. I trust that this answer blesses a heart.

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