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5 Questions That Will Make A Girl Turn You Down That You Should Never Ask

Finding a life partner that will remain with you through thick and thin is one of the most important aspect of a man's life. Before this can be done, one has to first of all approach the girl he has feelings for with the hope that she won't turn him down.

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There are some questions a guy should not ask a girl who he is not dating because she might get offended and then turn your request to date her down. The very first thing you need to do is to mind the kind of questions you ask her when wooing her and here are some questions you should never ask her if you don't want her to turn you down.

1. Don't Ask Her If She Has A Boyfriend

Most guys who do not like prolonging issues will definitely ask a girl if she has a boyfriend. Never ask her if she has a boyfriend because she might be fed up with her current relationship and may be looking for love elsewhere.

Asking a girl if she has a boyfriend when she has one will most likely make her say YES and if you persist by asking her further questions, she will remind you that she told you she has a boyfriend.

Let her be the one to tell you that she has a boyfriend and most girls who tell you this are those who love their boyfriend very much.

2. Don't Ask Her If She Is A Virgin

This question is totally out of place. Even if she isn't a virgin, do you expect her to tell you things about her life when she is not even close to you?

Asking a girl this question will make her feel you are a play boy who wants to satisfy his lustful desires, so never ask a girl this question because she might turn you down.

3. Don't Ask Her If She Liked You When She First Met You

If you ask her this question, she might think you want to win her over because you think she likes you already and he will most likely humble you by turning you down. If she liked you when she first met you, it is an added advantage that brings you closer to winning her heart.

A girl who likes you will only tell you to your face when she has known you and spent time with you.

4. Don't Ask Her If She Can Consider You Despite Having A Boyfriend

Remember I said in point one that you should allow her tell you herself that she has a boyfriend. If she tells you that she has a boyfriend, please don't ask her if she can consider you despite the fact that she is in a relationship.

If you tell her this, she will most likely bring the issue of cheating up and ask you if you are encouraging her to cheat on her boyfriend, this will make her turn your request down.

What then should you do if she tells you that she has a boyfriend? Ask her if you can just be her friend, if she says yes, then maintain the friendship on a basal level.

5. Don't Ask Her If She Can Date A Guy Who Is Broke

If you ask her this question, do you expect her to say YES or NO? She might think you want to test her by asking her the question.

Why will she turn you down if you ask her this question?

Let us get this clear, as a man you are expected to take good care of your girlfriend by meeting some if not all of her needs. A girl will not want to date a guy who can not help her when she is in need so if you ask her this question, she might feel you are a broke guy and may turn you down.

Girls, which of these questions piss you off? Tell us so that the guys can learn too.

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