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I Can't Still Believe My Dad is No More, Who will Give me Advice or Console me when I'm Crying -Lady

The pains of losing a loved one hurts for a very long time and could even stand till the end of life. Then when it gets to one's own parent, the hurt breaks the heart more than expected especially when the daughter seems to have a great bond with the deceased, it almost seems like the end of the world. Because at each point, when you cast your mind back to how you both used to stay together, have fun and play together, the advise he may have given you on how to take the noble part, it really leaves you crying at each point.

A lady by name Sunshine took to Facebook to cry her heart out on how she lost her beloved dad. According to her, the father used to console her whenever she's crying, always there to advice her but now that he's gone, she doesn't know how she's going to cope as the pain hurts.

See below:

We all must answer that call someday in life, it's just for us to get our minds prepared at all times for it for definitely it will happen. Death is a price everyone must pay, we pray she gets the fortitude from God to bear this great loss.

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