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Shine your eyes, do not marry the daughter of these women (opinion)

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Going by the Yoruba proverb which says, "a bad wife may be married by someone but a bad in-law is not worthy of having by anyone." One of the women you must desist from marrying their daughters is the one who always visit a herbalist or fortune teller. These type of mother In-laws can make your life and career to be miserable. They happen to be the manager of the family.

In the same vein, a single mother would always be there to scatter her daughter's house whenever their is dispute because, she doesn't feel or have the opportunity to live with a husband. Hence she may advice her daughter to file for a divorce for common martial issues which could be solved in a round table.

More also, In-laws that doesn't regard your family or disrespect your family members are not worthy of having their daughters as wives.

Added to that, In-laws that give unbearable bride price or wedding lists. They are nothing but gold diggers. If you marry from such family, you will continue to be their slave for ever.

Finally, make a tangible and clear research about the wife to be family, so as not to regret aftermath. Chose wisely.

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