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Wrong Reasons Why Some People Get Married

In our society today people get married for different reason. Some of these reasons are good while many others are bad. Before getting into marriage you must have good reasons. Remember that marriage should last for a life time. Below arewrong reasons why some people get into marriage.

1. Because of Money

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why some of us choose to get married. As soon as we meet someone who has an amazing financial income, the thought of marrying and having a life with them seems like heaven. We will be financially secure and live a luxurious lifestyle forever and ever. But, the harsh truth is that not anyone's financial circumstances could ever be truly secure. Someone can go from being a millionaire to being bankrupt in a matter of months.

2. All Your Friends Are Getting Married

You might feel left out if it seems like everyone but you is headed to the altar. It is nice to go through life's milestones on the same track as your friends. Then again, it's always better to be the last of your friends to get married than the first one to get divorced. As a bonus, if you wait, your friends will have better wedding advice and more time to help you with yours.

3. You want to solve your relationship problems. 

Getting married will not fix your relationship problems. But somehow, that’s what a lot of people seem to think. They think that marriage is the remedy they need so the fights will stop and the spark will come back. This is not true as couples also fights and have disagreement. If you are have conflict with your partner, it is advisable that you settle the conflict before think of marriage.

4. Because I’m Getting Old and the Options are Becoming Fewer and Fewer. Do people really think this? Yes, but most would never admit it. So they figure out ways to make the “good-enough” person into their “dream” person in their mind. 

Don’t get married because it seems like your options are becoming fewer as you get older. Hold out for who God has for you.

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