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A girl who has a crush on you would show some of these signs.

If a girl has feelings for a guy, her behavior towards him would give him some clues. For instance, a girl who doesn't have a crush on you won't show some of the following behaviors.

(1). She doesn't hesitate to say yes when you ask her to hang out.

(2). A girl who's into you will genuinely spend time with you and would always want to be around you.

(3). A girl who is comfortable with you, and sincerely likes you will start to tell you things she doesn't share with the others.

(4). She wants you to meet her roommates or friends.

(5). If a girl cares to know you by asking you personal questions, it's also a sign that she likes you.

(6). The two of you text, or call at least every day.

(7). She sends you photos.

(8). A girl is who in love with you would feel comfortable touching you.

Girls are unlike guys who easily express how they feel when they like a girl, but for the fact that emotional feeling is difficult to put under control, if a girl truly likes you, you will observe it in her behavior.

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