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How You Can Impress A Man and Make Him Have Interest in You.

Do you want to marry and you are looking for a man that will impress you? A man of good quality and characters? Then you will soon find him by becoming what you want.

What you may not know is that, as you are looking for a man that will impress you, that is how the man is out there looking for a lady that will impress him before he can think of marrying her.

So, when you focus on getting a man that will impress you and you forget to upgrade yourself to the level of the man you desire to have as a husband, you may never attract him. If you want a good man, then be a good woman. Don't be lazy and be looking for a hard-working man. The equation must be balanced if you must get the type of man you want.

Below are things you should do to impress the right man and let him come to you.

1. Have dreams and passion. Be a woman who has what she wants to achieve in the future and be committed to achieving it. It is one thing to have ambition and it is another thing to set out to achieve it. When a man sees that you have dreams for tomorrow and sees how you are making efforts to become who you dream to be, he will fall in love with you. Because most men need ladies who have something to offer. They want ladies with who they can partner together to achieve greater things in life.

2. Be self-dependent. When you go out with a man, don't always want him to pay. Make move to pay for yourself. Sometimes, you can pay for him. Most men want to have ladies who will not turn to parasites on them. They want ladies who can do things for themselves. This will make a man pick a special interest in you.

3. Be intelligent. Intelligence will make you be able to provide solutions to your challenges without depending on any man to do it for you. You will be able to think and suggest possible solutions to problems. When a man sees this, he will know that with you in his life, he will have solutions to challenges that may face him. He will desire to have you in his life.

4. Be friendly with people. Whether you are talking to your gateman in your house or your place of work, or you are talking to a groundnut seller, you should try to be nice to them. You never can tell, a man who has been looking for a way to talk to you for a lasting relationship may be around and you will insult others because of their class. That can put him off from you forever. So, be nice to people.

5. Don't make yourself too cheap for men. Try to play hard to get in a little way but don't overdo it. Try to ignore men small. Men of great value want to be sure that they are proposing to a high-level lady who is not cheap to men. So play hard to catch for him when he comes but do this with wisdom

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