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10 Things To Avoid On Your First Date With Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Dating may be difficult, it can equally be enjoyable. It all depends on how you packaged yourself from the beginning. Have you heard of the saying that goes thus, "first impression matters?" I'm sure you have heard about it before now. Honesty, first impression matters. That he has asked you out, or that she has acceded to your advances doesn't mean that he or she is bound to date you. He or she will find out if he or she can date you, not at the point of acceptance, but during your first date.

Your first date with your new lover is very important. You have to be very careful on your first date if you really want to date the person. There are many things you need to avoid on your first date if you want a successful relationship. Those things to be avoided have been elaborated herein.

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1. Don't bring your ex to the table.

As someone who just found new love, it is normal to want to talk about your ex. This may not appear affronting to you, but your new lover may not like to hear about them. To your new lover, it may appear to be a sign that you have not gotten over your ex. Or that you still love your ex. It can also mean that you are using your new lover to hold your emotions for the moment.

Bringing your ex to the table on your first date doesn't make any sense at all. You should not bring them up unless you are asked about them.

You may be dealing with a jealous lover. Talking about your ex on your first date can make them upset and jealous. You may lose the relationship at once.

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2. Don't get drunk and don't overfeed yourself.

Getting drunk on a first date can be detrimental. It can ruin your new relationship which is just about getting started. You must comport yourself very well. Do not take drinks you have never tasted before. Do not drink too much of alcoholic beverages, even though you have been taking them before.

Getting drunk on your first date may be embarrassing. You and your new lover may feel embarrassed, and that may be the end of the young relationship.

Don't be a foodie or a glutton on your first date. No matter how hungry you are, please eat as much as your stomach can contain. It will be embarrassing to eat to the extent that you can't walk again.

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3. Don't order for expensive foods and drinks.

Don't be greedy. No man or woman would like to date a greedy girlfriend or boyfriend. It doesn't matter who pays the bill. What matters is how considerate you are.

Of course, it is your first date. You barely know this person. You don't know the type of person they are. This is another reason you have to comport yourself and order for what is considerable.

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4. Don't bring up marriage and kids topics.

If you talk about marriage and kids on your first date, you are moving too fast. You are not sure if you want to date the person for a very long time, not to talk about getting married to them or even having kids with them. During your first date, you should also try to study them more, not throwing yourself at them.

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5. Talk less about yourself and listen more.

Don't be a talkative on your first date. You must listen more about what they have to say. Don't be too quick to bring up everything about yourself. Calm down and let time reveal you to them.

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6. Keep away from your phone.

He or she is your new date right? Of course. Now what is the best thing you can do for your new date on your first date? Isn't it to give them your time? If you can't sacrifice that moment for them without your phone, why then did you accept to go on a date with them?

You must stay away from your phone on your first date. You need to concentrate on your date. Pressing your phone may make them think that you aren't interested in what they are saying because they will assume that you aren't listening to them.

I am not saying that you should not go on a date with your phone. What I am saying is that you should stay away from your phone during your first date. It is a sign of respect.

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7. Mind your dressing.

Your dressing says a lot about you. It is said that you are addressed the way you dress. Don't wear clothes that are revealing. This may tell them that you are trying to entice them.

Dress well, but don't overdo it.

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8. Do not engage in a romance.

On your first date, engaging in a romance with your new date can make you appear cheap or loose before them. You have to make them want you. Don't give yourself cheaply to them on the first date.

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9. Avoid pretence.

Be real and be yourself. Do not try to pretend to be who you are not. If you don't know how to do a particular thing, do not pretend. Be open. Allow them to see who you really are, not what you think they want you to be. Be real.

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10. Stay away from controversial topics.

There are many topics to be discussed during a date, but a controversial one should not be talked about on the first date. This is because, you don't know what the person may think about the topic. Controversial topics like religion, tribalism and politics should be avoided.

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If you can avoid these 10 things on your first date, you will have a successful date.

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