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Husband and wife relationship

4 Things That Can Ruin Marriages If Not Controlled On Time

Marriage is an institution where both the man and woman keeps learning how to live with each other, as they pursue their future. 

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed by both the husband and the wife, however there are certain issues which might pop up, and have a negative effect on the marriage. 

Today, well be discussing about few things which can ruin marriages if not controlled on time. 


Addiction is something a person can not do without. Addiction could be in form of drinking, lying or doing all sort of negative things. 

When one of the couple is addicted to something and his / her partner is trying to get rid of it, all to no avail, this can cause an issue that might eventually lead to ruining the marriage. 

Bad communication 

As couples, you are meant to understand each other, either with words, signs and actions. 

Foul language should not dominate your home and you should learn to correct each other in love. 

A marriage with bad communication might not reach an expected level in future. 

Nagging over money issues 

Money should not be the cause for nagging or argument in the house. The husband should learn to be open and the wife should learn to manage with her man. 

Allowing third party in your marriage

Third party are full of different opinions, some might not wish you well but will ship in the opportunity that you have involved them, to give you advice that could cause damages to your marriage. 

Therefore when dealing with issues regarding marriage, we should learn to be reserved and seek advice from only the people we trust.

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