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8 Things You Should Do When Your Girlfriend Visits You To Make Her Happy

To every man who wants to make his woman happy whenever she visits, should try out the below listed, and his girlfriend will surely enjoy her visit and even wish to come back again and again.

So, without much wastage of time, let's take a look at some things a man should do when his lover visits him.

1. Cook for Her:

Cooking for her should be the number one thing that will make her happy, and also prove to her that you care about her. Make a delicious cooking for her, and make sure it tastes superb and yummy. 

2. Feed Her:

When you are done with the cooking, dish out the food, and don't let her eat by herself. Make her feel special by feeding her. Also make her feel relax as you feed her, engage her with some sweet talks and also tell her how beautiful she looks. 

3. Give Her Your Outfit To Wear:

Make her change into your clothes, like your top or short, so she can also feel more comfortable. Don't let her stay with her clothes, so she won't dirty them while you both play. So make sure she changes into any of your clean outfits. This is also another sign of genius love and trust, it will also help boost your love for each other. 

4. Play With Her:

Engage her in a sweet children play, and make sure she enjoys the play. You both can wrestle also, but make sure she wins you, so she can feel happy. You can engage her in video games and any form of game that will trigger her happiness and make her have a complete fun. 

5. Engage Her with Movies:

If she is a movie type, it's very necessary you engage her in movies, make her watch one of her favorite movies, this is another fun she will enjoy. 

6. Gist Her:

Engage her in gist, you both should talk about yourselves and future, also argue on this that are meaningful. Make your lady enjoy the company of your gist for some minutes and ask questions as well. 

7. Take Pictures & Make Videos Together:

You both should take pictures of some moments, and also make sweet videos of yourselves. Don't let her go without take pictures of some lovely moments together using your mobile phones. 

8. Engage Her In a Romantic Moment:

Have some romantic moments which will stick to her memory as she leaves, this will make her wish to visit you again and again, knowing she will have good moments with you. 

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