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13 Types of men every woman probably 13 Types of men every woman probably want

Every woman has their choice of the kind of man they want, but there are common things almost every woman desire from a man.

For instance, there is no doubt that almost all the women today want one particular thing from a man, which is wealth. Almost every woman today, want a wealthy man, a man who will pay their bills, spend on them and give them a comfortable life. This is majorly the what most women desire or want from a man.

Therefore, in this article, I will be sharing 13 type of man every woman probably want

1. A man who will respect and value them.

2. A man that will love her for who she is.

3. A man that will always appreciate and be there for her.

4. A man who will understand and care for her.

5. A man who is responsible.

6. A man who is principled.

7. A man who is romantic.

8. A man who is will always remain truthful, honest and loyal to her.

9. A man very hardworking man who has dreams.

10. A man who is considerate.

11. A man who is handsome and good looking.

12. A man who is not hot tempered.

13. A wealthy man

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