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Husband and wife relationship

4 Reasons Why A Man May Not Want His Wife To Work For Money

A lot of women are so fortunate to be married to a man who cares so much about them, and he is financially stable as well.

Generally, the man is the one that will be responsible for providing for his home.

Some men are very considerate about their wives, and they don't want them to bother working after their marriage.

You will hear them tell their wives that "my dear, don't bother yourself, I will give you everything you want".

The husband may feel it's no longer necessary for his wife to be working since he has everything to take care of her needs.

Even though he knows that his wife is not lazy and has the qualifications, he might not want her to work because of the reasons listed below.

Because Of Stress

He knows that his wife does some house chores that will make her become stressed out if combined with official duties at work.

He does not want her to go through any kind of stress because he cares so much for her.

He also knows that whenever his wife is tired, he might not be able to get the best physical intimacy from her.

That's why he will not want her to work.

He Wants You To Be Self-employed

Some men prefer their wives to have their own business.

That's why some of them set up a business for them and employ staff who will be helping them to do the job.

He Wants To Give You A Monthly Allowance

The husband may not want his wife to work because he will be giving her a monthly allowance which may be times two of her salary.

Time And Commitment

He wants her to have more time and commitment to the family. If she's self-employed, she can close her business any time of the day and come back home.

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