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As a Lady, If You Value Your Life, Never Tell Anyone Not Even Your Best Friend These 3 Secrets

Dear Ladies, are you aware that there are certain things that are best kept private i.e. between you and your husband? Incase you didn't know or you're the type of person that always socialize and spill out every bit of information about yourself to your friends, then stay calm and read this article.

In this article, we are going to be having a look at the 3 secrets about yourself, that you should never disclose to your friends for any reason.

1. Your Pregnancy: one of the most delicate happenings in any relationship is pregnancy. If you just discovered that you are pregnant for your husband, then it's best to keep the information between you and your husband. No matter how close you are to any friend, never tell her that you're pregnant, people are evil and your best friend could still be your worst enemy. Just keep everything about your pregnancy to yourself till it materializes or the belly grows big.

2. Never Tell Anyone How Good Your Husband is: this is another delicate information you should endeavour to keep to yourself. Ladies that always brag about their husbands or talk about them while gisting with their friends, always end up having marital issues. I am not saying you should speak good of your husband in public but while in the midst of your single friends, only do so when the need arises and always make sure your family is not the topic of discussion.

3. How Much Your Husband or Boyfriend Earns: this is another top notch information you should never disclose to anyone as a lady. Most ladies are so desperate that they can even dive into the relationship or marriage of their friends simply because the man has money. Like I stated earlier, discussions about your husband or boyfriend in a meeting with your friends should never be accepted.

Some bad friends can go as far as hurting or killing you just to take over the marriage or relationship. Since we are unable to read the minds of our friends, it's important we keep top notch information secret.

That's all for now lovely Readers! Follow the handle for more updates.

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