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Ladies Beware, Don't Marry A Man Who does not have these 3 things

Choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions a person will have to take. In choosing a life partner, it is essential to seek for wise counsel instead of walking with your imagination and instincts to avoid making unnecessary and regrettable mistakes. You should therefore, not rely on emotions in making your choice and decision. As a lady ready to get married, you should not turn blind eyes to things that are necessary as love is not enough to sustain relationship or marriage.

Don't​ marry a man who does not have any of things I will list below.

1. CHARACTER: Before you consider a guy for marriage, make sure he possess good character (God-fearing, honest, trustworthy, responsible, sincere, intelligent, understanding etc). If he does not possess any of these attribute you need to have a rethink.

2. HOUSE: Any guy ready for marriage must have a house, yes, personal accommodation. He shouldn't be someone squatting with a friend or lives in a family house. Dear ladies, you must know how equipped his house is with furniture, electronics and other household materials. Don't marry any man that lacks these in his home.

3. JOB: Don't marry a man who is jobless or lacks a steady means of income because he won't be able to provide for a family financially. If you are not ready to finance the marriage now or later don't marry a lazy man. Never believe in his sweet words that things will get better except if he is a hardworking type and you believe in him.

4. CAR: Any guy eligible and ready for marriage must have a car for easy transportation to work, church or important places except you are ready to be jumping public transport which I know many ladies detest.

Though the things listed above are material things most ladies would love their man to have but be wary of a clingy, insecure, promiscuous or abusive partner.

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