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Opinion:Ten ways to make a girl fall in love with you

1.Pay her attention

Always be focused whenever she's talking,hear what she says,attend to her whenever she needs you

She might want to release a burden but wanna discuss it with someone

You are the someone she wants to discuss it with.

That's a step on getting her to like you

2.Be yourself

Don't try to change your personality and your moral lifestyle just to impress a lady

You can't keep it forever if she eventually ends up with you and later discovers you live differently.

Be the real you,she might like the way you live currently and not the one you trying to act up.

It's better staying the right way.

3.Take your time to know her

It won't cost you much to study the girl you like,get to know what she likes,what she hates,what she loves doing,how she lives her lifestyle

Where she works,what she eats and much more.

Just like learning a course,you are now learning the girl you like.

When you finally get into a relationship with her , perform what you learnt about her and make her happy by showing interest in what she likes.

That's another way to make a girl fall in love with you.

4.Be confident and passionate

Many ladies love men who are confident and also have passion for good things.

They Don't wanna be with insecure men.

They Don't want arrogant men

Take up those two habits and let it dwell with you.

A lady will eventually fall for you due to those Characters.

5.Being reliable 

Women and ladies all want a dependable partner

Someone they can rely on financially, physically and mentally.

Someone who's gonna be with them in difficult times.

She's gonna fall in love with you if you are reliable whenever she needs you.


Tell her your past,spill the beans ,tell her your secrets

It would really help a lot when the relationship has a foundation already.

Your ability to stay focused despite distractions and what you have done in the past which might affect a relationship shows you are worth her love

7.Suprise Her

You always have to make the girl you love happy.

Make her excited.

Make her adventurous.

Take her out and flaunt her

Take her to cinemas,football games,fancy restaurants and other fun places

Suprise her that way.

Buy expensive clothing's and wearings for her

She will fall in love with you not because of your money but for the way you care for her.

8.Compliment her

Always let her know she is the most beautiful lady in the world to you.

Make her feel special among others.

Compliment her dressing, recognize her new hairstyle,make her geniune.

Show affection

Tell her how she's beautiful and looking good.

It will make a lady want to fall in love with you.

9.Mode of dressing

No lady wants to fall in love with a unkept, poorly dressed guy

Always dress well and look good to the girl you love.

Ladies love men who dress well and takes pride in his appearance.

Men style of dressing makes ladies go crazy in love.

Show her the best version of you.

Always try dressing nice to impress her. For those who can't financially buy good clothes ,dress neat.

Which lady doesn't like a neat man?

She would surely fall in love with you.

10.Be the funny guy

Nowadays,ladies fall in love with guys who make them laugh and keep them In a good mood.

Comedy sometimes can be a cure for sorrow.

A lady can be going through something difficult,after calming and consoling her,try making her laugh and that reliefs her of whatever she's going through .

She will obviously feel in love with you.

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Content created and supplied by: Micolee4you (via Opera News )


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