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5 things that make a man feel satisfied in a relationship

Lovemaking and intimacy has been mistaken by many women as the only things men want in a relationship. This is not true. Even though these things are important in a relationship because they actually make a man feel satisfied, there are many other things that can make a man satisfied in a relationship.

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Sometimes, a woman may be wondering why her boyfriend is not happy with her irrespective of how intimate she is with him. The truth is that men can't always be satisfied with intimacy or lovemaking. There are other things they expect you to do to keep the relationship growing and make them feel satisfied. These can be found below.

1. Respect and obedience.

Respect is one of the major things men desire in women. A woman who lacks respect cannot make her boyfriend happy no matter how romantic she is. If you make love with your boyfriend and make him happy, he may feel satisfied for a while, but if you don't have respect, you can't make him feel satisfied for a long time.

If a woman has respect for her boyfriend, she is capable of contributing greatly to his happiness.

2. Good food.

Men feel more satisfied when they date women who knows how to satisfy their hunger. A great cook makes a great girlfriend, and eventually, she will make a great wife when married.

Food makes a man feel satisfied. Apart from the enjoyment he receives from you behind closed doors, if you can cook perfectly, especially if you know how to change meals properly, you will make him happy and satisfied.

3. Honesty.

A liar in the form of a girlfriend cannot satisfy her boyfriend. When a man is with a woman he loves and trusts, he feel more satisfied and secured.

4. Money.

Money is very necessary to a man, especially when he is in a relationship. A man is satisfied when he has money, but he feels more satisfied if his girlfriend has money making spirit. That is, he will be happier if his girlfriend is the type that love making money.

Nothing is more satisfying in a relationship when the lovers aim at getting rich together. A man feels satisfied when he knows that his wife is pursuing the same dream with him. This dream usually center at money making.

5. Support.

When a girlfriend supports her boyfriend, there is this kind of satisfaction such a lucky boyfriend derives from her. This makes him happy and satisfied even in the absence of intimacy.

Therefore, if the only thing you bring in your relationship is lovemaking and intimacy, you need to add the above 5 important treats to make him fully satisfied.

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