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11 Signs That Prove He Is Taking Advantage of You

So you finally meet a guy who’s cute, smart, and just so happens to think the same about you. You have a little awkward chit-chat, maybe you flirt a little, and eventually, you exchange numbers. Before you know it, you’re texting nonstop, hanging out several times a week and having amazing sex. He almost seems too good to be true… so is he? Here are 11 signs he’s not quite what he seems and he’s playing you for a fool:

1. There’s never a thank you.

You do a lot for your partner. If they want something specific, you cook it for them. If they’re bored, you take them out and entertain them. You’re like a three-ring circus. But never do they take the time to show you their appreciation by saying “thank you.” This shows they expect this to be done for them, but that isn’t how life works. 

2. They have eyes on someone else.

Maybe it’s someone from work or a friend, but one thing is for sure, they’re not focused on you. This isn’t innocent flirting. We’re talking about something more than that. They give their attention and time to someone who isn’t you. If they’re preoccupied with someone else, well, they don’t really care how you feel.

3. you only see him when he needs you.

It’s anything but nice, but some men will only use you for attention. For example, every time things are not going well for him. Such as:

A hard day at work

He’s feeling down

Or other problems in his personal life

When that occurs, he suddenly wants to see you.

Fortunately, these guys are quite easy to recognize because he ONLY contacts you when he is looking for comfort, or needs to talk with someone. Then it’s very obvious he’s just seeing you for the attention you give him.

4. He never pays anything for you.

However anti-feministic it may be, when a man is really fond of you, he wants to take care of you. So if you’ve been eating at a restaurant together, he’ll pay the bill for you.

This is his way of saying:

“I like you and I want to take care of you.”

But if a guy never picks up the bill, or may even be financially dependent on you, then there’s a chance that he is taking advantage of the situation and is using you for your money. But before you jump to any conclusions, please check to see if you recognize any other signs from this article. Just to be on the safe side.

5. He regularly threatens to leave you.

A guy who regularly threatens to leave you, is a guy who’s not afraid to lose you. This is a bad sign. Because a man like that will take advantage of the fact that you like him.That’s when he’ll for example say things like:

“If you don’t like it, then you can just leave?”


“If I’m not good enough for you, then why don’t you leave? He does this to get his way. And apparently it doesn’t bother him very much that it comes at your expense. So be very careful when a guy does this to you. Because the chances are extremely high that he is using you.

6. He has no problem with asking for favours.

Whenever he needs something he comes right to you knowing that you are going to help him. I do know that this is something you should do in a relationship but if he’s calling you for every little thing then I do not think that that’s love. Especially if he calls you to loan him money! To be honest, what are you giving him that he couldn’t be asking for somewhere else? If he’s always in your house searching for food and asking you to do the stupidest tasks for him, then he really is taking advantage of you.

7. But he is never there for you.

No matter whether it’s something small or something big, he is simply never there for you. He doesn’t call you to see how you’re doing nor does he come to check on you when you’re sick. So what happens is that he makes all those stupid excuses just to not be around you. He can’t even bother to help you move something heavy, he’d rather sit around and wait for you to do it yourself.

8. He always wants s*x

I mean, what guy doesn’t? But if the first thing he does when he comes to your house is take your bra off then that’s not really something you should be happy about. You might be too hot to resist but there is a bigger chance that he is taking advantage of you and he simply can’t have a meaningful conversation first.

9. He Never Talks About The Future Of The Relationship

Commitment is essential in any relationship. And always try to define your Relationship from the onset. To me, what is the essence of a relationship without a future? Well some guys may not want to bring up commitment topic. It could be because they don’t have the financial wherewithal for marriage. But when you trigger such conversation, they should be willing to tell you their mind. From your discussion, you can know if indeed your man cares about you.

10. He Blackmails You Emotionally To Get What He Wants

As you read this, someone just got blackmailed emotionally. It’s common in most relationships and among the signs that your man is taking advantage of you. Emotional blackmail in this context is when your man uses your weakness to his advantage. He makes you feel obligated and guilty to get what he wants. For instance, an emotional blackmailer can say “If you spend the night at my house, I will be pleased.

11. He feels more like a burden than a boyfriend

If you’re honest with yourself, you know that this man feels more like a burden than a boyfriend. If you were to ask yourself, “Does this person lift me up? Does this person encourage me to pursue my goals? Does this person energize me?” the painful but clear answer would be “No.”

Content created and supplied by: RelationshipTalks05 (via Opera News )


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