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Relationships: 3 Ways Unhealthy Relationships Could Be Harmful To Your Health

Our society has become more health-conscious than ever, and nutrition, fitness, organic products, and eco-friendly practices are granted greater consideration. Still, many don’t seem to realise that dysfunctional relationships can be just as detrimental to our health as fast food and pollution. You may have heard, or assumed, that relationships are good for your health, longevity, and life expectancy. In general, that's true except when a relationship is bad. Anyone who's been through a tough divorce, dealt with difficult parents or children, or had a backstabbing friend knows that not all relationships are good for your health.

In this article we'll talk about 3 ways in which unhealthy relationship could be harmful to your health.

High Blood Pressure; A person's diet, exercise habits, and stress levels can all have an impact on blood pressure, so it's not surprising that your relationship status and the strength of your relationship can, too. In a highly publicized 2008 study, researchers at Brigham Young University found that people in happy marriages tended to have lower blood pressure than their single counterparts. People who were unhappily married, however, tended to have higher blood pressure than singles.

Poor Mental Health; Although studies have shown that a steady, committed relationship is good for mental health , a difficult and strained relationship perhaps unsurprisingly has the opposite effect. Negative behaviors, such as hostility and criticism, during conflict in relationships have been linked to negative impacts on mental health. Over a long time a victim of bad relationship become depressed.

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Decreased Immune System; Prolonged conflict with other people was strongly associated with lower self-rated health and more health issues, according to a survey of more than 650 adults over two years. Any kind of stress, whether it's due to a lousy relationship with a lousy person or a demanding job, has a remarkable impact on the efficacy of the immune system.

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