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David Oyedepo offers suggestions for fruitful and fulfilling marriages

The founder of Living Faith Church International, aka Winners Chapel, said married couples should employ intimacy into their union as that would significantly add to safeguarding their marriages from hitting the rocks.

The 66-year-old popular preacher whose ministry has more than 1,000 branches spread across Nigeria – and elsewhere around the world – said lovemaking should be given its place in marital unions — if not one spouse may be tempted to quench the thirst and burning desire elsewhere.

“A s.ex-starved marriage is heading for destruction,” the man of God wrote on Instagram Saturday night, alongside a photo of himself and 63-year-old wife Faith. “Spouses should be available for each other, otherwise there will be a tendency to go where they would be accepted because the burning must be satisfied.”

Oyedepo and wife giving a belly laugh. [Instagram]

In an earlier post, the revered preacher said: “Once you are able to establish a forum for communication in the home, there will be no room for nagging.

“Never raise an issue without reason; otherwise, you may begin to build walls of barriers in the home system.”

Bishop Oyedepo recently got many Nigerians talking after his ministry laid off more than 40 pastors for not performing as expected of them.

“Unfruitful!” Oyedepo cited the reason for their sacking. “Blatant failure. Doing what there? We have no patience with failure here.”

Critics had pilloried him and the church for taking food off the tables of the pastors, with some accusing Winners’ Chapel of being money-centred.

“Money?” Oyedepo countered. “Nonsense! We have never lacked it and yet we have never prayed for it, we are just simply obeying God and He is backing up what He is asking us to do. Awesome God.”

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