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Big Mistakes Ladies Make Before Going Into Marriage.

Often at times individual's get married for the wrong reasons. Which Some reasons include. 

Pressure:- you feel pressure from family, most cultures the eldest sister must get married before the younger sisters, and if sultors keep coming for the younger sister's, there will have no choice than wait for the elder sister to get married first. Most parents are anxious to first get their eldest daughter married, because what would society say if the younger one got married first? in a family with many siblings, the eldest one is always forced to take the plunge first even if she isnt ready for it.

Been dating for a while:- you've been dating for a while and it's seems nothing is working, marriage isn't forth coming, your friends are getting married, you are attending wedding ceremony and celebrating with others, you are actually comparing yourself to friends and don’t want to get old and be the only one not married. 

Social status:- there are individuals who see/get married as an option to improve their social status.

You want to have kids:- 30% of individuals feels getting married is just about having kids, whereas it's more to it.

This are some of the mistakes ladies make before getting married. I hope we ladies learn from this.

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