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For Men: 5 Reasons She Does Not Want To Make Love With You

There must be mutual understanding and support in every relationship. You must be able to understand your partner's decisions and you must be able to make your own decisions. This improves a relationship and ensures that it moves forward. Men, here are 5 reasons why a lady does not want to make love with you:

1. She's Stressed

A lady who is tired from her daily hectic activities may not be ready to make love with you. You will just have to give her time to rest and recover well. You should also ensure that you understand this very well so that you will not end up thinking negatively about your wife.

2. Lack Of Intimacy

There must be a connection between the two of you before you can decide to make love. The connection has to be deeper before the lady can agree to make love with you. If you think she can just give in without a particular connection, then you are making a big mistake.

3. Her Responsibility Has Increased

She might not want to make love with you because of her increased responsibilities. You don't have to be offended because she might still have time for you later. All you need to do is to support her and don't condemn her. It is a natural phenomenon and she will later give in to you.

4. Faded Love

Though she once loved you, but due to some circumstances, the love has faded. She will not always want to reject your advances but there is no point in making love to someone she does not love, except when it is for money. If you can get her to love you again then maybe she might give in

5. It Is Painful For Her

A lot of women shun the idea of having sex because it causes them physical pain—not pleasure. No one loves pain and as humans, we will be so reluctant to do things that give us much pain.

In conclusion, we need to understand one another in a relationship and make decisions that will affect each other. We need to be supportive of one another and to remain critical of certain situations.

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