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What every parents must not hide from their children before becoming adults

Parents are the eyes and light of every child, especially at their early age. The role of parents in the life of a child can't be overemphasis due to their enormous efforts to see that that child become a success in the future. Outside the love and care of that of the parents towards their children, there are some important things most parents ought to teach their children and make them to know on time but many have overlooked it and think is not necessary but it is. There are so many repeated mistakes children make as they grow up, I called it repeated mistakes because those same mistakes had be made by their parents, but unknown to them they become victim of such incident over and over again.

What must you not hide from your child? One of it is that parents should be able to tell them their life experience. Like they said, "experience is the best teacher " let them know how you started your life journey and all the obstacles you faced, this will give them understanding of what the life is all about. The experiences you will share with them both the ugly and the good will help them to navigate their part from the wrong path and allow them to make quality decision.

Further more, reveal to them your failure and the mistakes you made in time past. You are telling them all these on time so that they would not repeat same mistake, as parents, it's very vital that you don't hide your mistakes from your children. Telling them may be embarrassing and shameful but for the sake of your love and concern for their, the truth should be told. Also teach them what you learnt from those mistakes you could have avoided if you learnt them earlier.

Lastly, share your success story with them. It will be a motivation for them to be steadfast in the midst of any challenges. There is no glory without a story, as they journey through life, they will grow with a mindset of not every thing that glitter is gold and nothing in life comes easily. You are indeed a wonderful parent if you teach your children these things.

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